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Power BI Reports Design – Unlimited Possibilities


In this blog, I’m going to just highlight an incredible example of Power BI reports design. It’s so out-of-the-box design, which is outside the normal way that you would think Power BI can do. This Power BI reports design will show you the unlimited possibilities in developing reports engaging your team and your consumers. So

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Power BI Tooltips On Report Images


With the recent Power BI challenges that we run in Enterprise DNA, I’ve become a huge fan of the Power BI tooltips. I’ve seen them being used in so many ways and they just add so much value to your reports and insights that you can show in a really compelling way. In this tutorial,

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Dynamic Tooltip In Power BI With Embedded Charts


I want to show you an awesome trick for the visualizations in your reports. You can use a dynamic tooltip in Power BI to highlight your visuals. This has been a relatively recent update embedded into the Power BI suite. For today’s post, I’ll showcase an entry from one of our Power BI challenges that

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Power BI Report Example For An Optical Dataset


A lot of you may know that we have an ongoing Power BI Challenge. One of our recent Power BI report example submissions from Challenge #5 was based on an optical data set. The submission was of such a high quality that I had to showcase it here in the blog to inspire you in

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Creating A Visual Tooltip In Power BI


I’m going to show you my most favorite visualization idea around tooltip in Power BI. I saw it demonstrated really well in a Power BI challenge submission and I just want to show you how far you can take it. It’s not that difficult at all and it can add so much value to your

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