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Dynamic Segmentation With Dynamic Parameters – Advanced Power BI & DAX Technique

Dynamic Segmentation With Dynamic Parameters - Advanced Power BI & DAX Technique

I’m going to talk about dynamic segmentation using dynamic parameters because I’ve seen members ask about it so many times on the Enterprise DNA support forum. What’s challenging about this is figuring out which areas to segment first. You would also have to find a way to feed dynamic parameters into your formula. I’m going

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Time Based Cohort Analysis – Setting Up Your Data Models In Power BI

In this tutorial, I’m going to do a deep dive into Time Based Cohort Analysis in Power BI. This is a short breakout session from a recent event for Enterprise DNA members. I want to show you how I set up this Cohort Analysis in Power BI. This is the most difficult task when you’re

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Custom Dynamic Segmentation Using DAX In Power BI

In this blog post, I want to go over an advanced DAX pattern about how to create custom dynamic segmentation in Power BI. You can apply this great technique to many scenarios to gain meaningful insights. Dynamic groups are created when a range of different customers are segmented based on different metrics like sales, margin

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Learn Which Customer Groups Experienced Most Growth Through Customer Segmentation In Power BI

In this example, we’ll run through a unique insight you can discover in Power BI. What we need to do is to combine a range of different formula techniques to get the intended result. If you do this inside your own models with your own customer segmentation analysis, you will discover high-quality insights that will

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Dynamic Segmentation: How To Segment Customers Into Groups Using Advanced DAX

Today, I’m getting complex with DAX, but that’s because I enjoy showing the power of this formula language inside Power BI. I want you to get there too. This is why I always want to get practical about implementation. Dynamic segmentation is a perfect example of a really valuable commercial insight you can extract out

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