Tag: Dynamic Report Technique

Creating Unique Power BI Report Template Designs

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create unique tables in Power BI using financial report template designs. This will be a quick breakout session based on the financial reporting course in Enterprise DNA Online. I want to show you a very detailed reporting application for financial metrics and data. Specifically, I

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How To Create A Dynamic Power BI Report

In this tutorial, I show you how you can create a totally dynamic Power BI report, using the measuring branching technique and the power of DAX. When I say dynamic, I mean that you may want to highlight one particular insight across all your visualizations on your report page, but then you might want to

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Data Visualization with Power BI: How To Add Commentary to Your Reports in a Dynamic Way

This idea came up purely from a client requirement, and by implementing it I thought wow, this actually has many applications. It’s also not that difficult to implement in Power BI. I know this happens everywhere in organizations, so I’m sure you can relate, but have you ever created a PowerPoint presentation and then had

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