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Power BI Progress Tracker For Sales And Order Data

This tutorial will show how to create a Power BI progress tracker for sales and order data. You’ll learn how to solve a scenario where you have more than one date in your Fact table. This is the Sales table that will be used in this tutorial. You can see that it has two date

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Appending Several Sheets In Excel To Power BI

This tutorial will discuss about how to import and open an Excel file with multiple sheets to one Power BI table. This data Excel file will be used for this tutorial. The file contains 60 sheets of data with the same layout. The objective of this tutorial is to load all the Excel sheets to

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Using DAX TOPN To Calculate Last N Weeks Trend

This tutorial will discuss and solve Problem Of The Week #5 in the Enterprise DNA forum using the DAX TOPN function. The problem requires a solution with 4 requirements. One requirement of the problem is to calculate the dynamic Last N Weeks Trends of a COVID-19 data report. You can watch the full video of

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Choose Specific Date In Power BI Using DAX Calculation

choose specific date in power bi using dax calculation post image

This tutorial will discuss about choosing  or filtering a specific date in your Power BI data reports. The material used in this tutorial comes from the Enterprise DNA Forum. You’ll learn how to solve the problem and understand the methods used. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this

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Matrix In Power BI Using Calculation Groups

This tutorial will talk about calculation groups and how to implement them in a matrix using the Tabular Editor in Power BI. You’ll learn how to efficiently retrieve and show data in your reports. Creating A Matrix In Power BI Calculation groups can be used to selectively show a measure in a matrix or any

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