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New vs Existing Customers – Advanced Analytics w/DAX

If you’re an online retailer or a high frequency sales operation, then understanding your customer base, like if they are new customers or existing customers, is a really high quality insight. You’ll want to dive into this type of analysis because you need to evaluate if most of your sales are attributed to people who

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Discovering Advanced Insights in Power BI – Free Workshop Preview

For the first webinar series session of the year I thought I would dive into some more advanced concepts around Power BI development. To learn more about the event and to register click here – Webinar Registration To get advanced in Power BI you first have to start using DAX formulas. Hopefully this is a

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Compare Multiple Metrics Cumulatively in Power BI using DAX

I’ve previously showcased how you can compare your actual results versus your budgeted results. But, what if you also wanted to overlay some time comparison information so you’re comparing your actuals versus budget versus last year? Or perhaps versus last quarter? Or against any other time period you may want to select? In this video

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