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Advanced Budgeting Insights in Power BI – FREE Training Workshop

The next free training workshop in the Enterprise DNA webinar series is here. You can register here – Advanced Budgeting Insights in Power BI The virtual workshop session will run for between 45-60 mins We are going to dive into various advanced budgeting techniques in Power BI during this one. Budgeting in Power BI is

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Understanding LASTNONBLANK For Use In Power BI

The LASTNONBLANK function is an interesting DAX formula that you can utilize in a number of different ways inside of Power BI. It is not a very used DAX formula because of the complexities around how it calculates results. Most Power BI users, I would presume, don’t even realize that they can utilize the function

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The ‘Definitive Guide to Power BI’ now released!

I’m very excited to announce the released of the latest online training from Enterprise DNA. The ‘Definitive Guide to Power BI’ is likely the most comprehensive and resources rich training anywhere for Power BI. We’ve included things in the course that the community is desperately wanting like; demo datasets and pre-built Power BI models. These

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