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DEFINE Keyword In DAX Studio: Overview & Examples

DEFINE Keyword In DAX Studio Overview & Examples - Power BI - Enterprise DNA

After EVALUATE, the next one you need to learn is the DEFINE keyword. In this tutorial, we’ll go through an overview of what the DEFINE keyword is, and how it’s used in DAX Studio. Specific examples are discussed along the way. Using the DEFINE Keyword In DAX Studio DEFINE is a keyword that defines entities

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Data Indexing In Vertipaq: Row Store Versus Column Store

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover the difference on how data indexing works in a relational database versus in Vertipaq. Relational databases store the data on a row by row basis. On the other hand, Vertipaq does it column by column. Let’s see how these two ways of storing and indexing data could impact

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The DAX Studio EVALUATE Keyword: Basic Examples

After successfully connecting DAX Studio to Power BI and learning about its user interface, the next step is learning about the different keywords and how to use them. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss about the DAX Studio EVALUATE keyword. Basic examples are also provided to further understand how and when it’s used. Introduction EVALUATE is

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