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Using Ranking DAX Measures To Extract Unique Insights In Power BI

In this example, I wanted to analyse something really practical. I wanted to work out the total sales of my top 3 salespeople based in any region. A really interesting insight, right? It might seem relatively intuitive but actually implementing this inside of Power BI is not that easy. You need to understand how to

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Discover Unique Insights Using TOPN in Power BI

In this video, I wanted to find an insight that was really unique, and hugely valuable for business. I wanted to know the best-selling day for every single product. Not only that, I wanted to be able to look dynamically into any store and analyse the best-selling day for every single product that each store

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Advanced Logic Within DAX Iterating Functions – Detailed Example

I want to dive here into iterating functions within the DAX language in Power BI. The reason why I want to spend some time showing you what you can do inside of iterating functions is because it’s such an important concept that you need to learn very well. You might have only just completed some

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Detailed Ranking Example Using DAX in Power BI

Enterprise DNA Video Tutorial Power BI Ranking Examples Using DAX

Power BI is an amazing analytical engine! Today I’m going to show you how you can find your top customers – not just as static numbers, but through time and through any time period you could want. This is the power of DAX combined with the data model at its best. In this example I

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