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DAX Query Example Using Various Keywords & Functions

Dax Query Example Using Various Keywords & Functions - Enterprise DNA

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about various keywords and functions in DAX Studio with a specific query example for each one. Specifically, you’ll learn about the ORDER BY and START AT keywords, along with the TOPNSKIP and ADDMISSINGITEMS functions. DAX Query Example: ORDER BY Keyword The ORDER BY keyword allows you to sort a dataset.

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Optimizing DAX For Power BI Using DAX Studio – Formula Engines

When you’re optimizing your data model and your DAX for Power BI, it helps to remember that there are two engines running behind the scenes — the formula engine and the storage engine. These two engines work together to return the results needed back to the user. They provide the results set in the form

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The Ultimate DAX Guide For Beginners

The third pillar in Power BI development is DAX calculations. This tutorial contains a thorough DAX guide for beginners covering the basics on formatting and editing. Frequently used DAX functions are also included in the discussion. DAX Editor Guide Before anything else, here are some DAX Editor tips you need to know: Use Ctrl +

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Row Context And Filter Context In A Power BI DAX Code

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at a piece of DAX code. You may have already used something like this. Or, you may come across it and be confused about how this code works and how both Row Context and Filter Context seem to be interacting with each other in just a

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Power BI Modulo and Integer-Divide DAX Functions

I thought it’d be interesting to find a way to highlight functions and operators in Power BI that you may haven’t come across before, deeply buried in the menus, or those that you may have seen, but don’t really know what they do. In this tutorial, I’d like to highlight the Power BI Modulo and

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