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The Ultimate DAX Guide For Beginners

The third pillar in Power BI development is DAX calculations. This tutorial contains a thorough DAX guide for beginners covering the basics on formatting and editing. Frequently used DAX functions are also included in the discussion. DAX Editor Guide Before anything else, here are some DAX Editor tips you need to know: Use Ctrl +

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Row Context And Filter Context In A Power BI DAX Code

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at a piece of DAX code that you might have written in your DAX journey. You might also have been confused as to how this code is actually working, and how both Row Context and Filter Context seem to be interacting with each other in just

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Power BI Modulo and Integer-Divide DAX Functions

I thought it’d be interesting to find a way to highlight functions and operators in Power BI that you may haven’t come across before, deeply buried in the menus, or those that you may have seen, but don’t really know what they do. For this tutorial, I’d like to highlight the Power BI Modulo and

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Appending Several Sheets In Excel To Power BI

This tutorial will discuss about how to import and open an Excel file with multiple sheets to one Power BI table. This data Excel file will be used for this tutorial. The file contains 60 sheets of data with the same layout. The objective of this tutorial is to load all the Excel sheets to

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Choose Specific Date In Power BI Using DAX Calculation

choose specific date in power bi using dax calculation post image

This tutorial will discuss about choosing  or filtering a specific date in your Power BI data reports. The material used in this tutorial comes from the Enterprise DNA Forum. You’ll learn how to solve the problem and understand the methods used. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this

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