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Using Ranking DAX Measures To Extract Unique Insights In Power BI

In this example, I wanted to analyse something really practical. I wanted to work out the total sales of my top 3 salespeople based in any region. A really interesting insight, right? It might seem relatively intuitive but actually implementing this inside of Power BI is not that easy. You need to understand how to

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Isolating Weekday or Weekend Results Using DAX in Power BI

Sometimes calculating averages per day in your Power BI reports isn’t actually enough. You might run into a scenario where you only actually sell during weekdays. You might be a retailer or a restaurant where you only sell in a specific period of days. Now, if you go and run an averaging pattern in Power

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Budgeting Scenarios In Power BI Using DAX

So we’re going to really dive into some problem-solving here. This is some really great stuff that you can do with Power BI, but if we just step back for a moment, the key here is, first of all, you’ve got to be able to think analytically. And that’s what I want to do initially.

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