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Showcasing Budgets In Power BI – DAX Cumulative Totals

Recently, I built and showed a Budgeting Analysis Dashboard in one of Enterprise DNA’s workshop. One feature of that Dashboard is the Cumulative Budget view. The webinar is linked here. The dashboard itself is dynamic so I can change the time frame and select the products I want to track. This makes exploring the data

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Showing Difference Between Sales And Budgets To Date – Forecasting In Power BI

The topic that I’m going to discuss in this tutorial was part of a full hour workshop on budgeting and forecasting in Power BI during an Enterprise DNA Learning Summit.  This tutorial focuses on how we calculate and highlight the differences between cumulative sales and cumulative budgets up to a certain date only. Firstly, I’ll

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Showing Cumulative Results vs Targets Only To Last Sales Date in Power BI

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create a cumulative visualization in Power BI, showing cumulative results versus targets or budgets. This is a really good visualization to show things over time. But, in this example, I only want to show the results up to today’s date or the very last date of a sale

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