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Time Intelligence For Non Standard Date Tables In Power BI

Running time comparison type analysis on custom calendars is a little bit more complex than if you were using a standard calendar. The reason behind this is because the time intelligence functions available for custom calendars allow users to quite easily and effectively write a formula and achieve the results that they want. Unfortunately  with non-standard

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Month On Month Change For Custom Calendars In Power BI – 445 Calendars

This video tutorial is all about how you can run time intelligence calculations over custom calendars in Power BI. This is really relevant to those who deal with 445 calendars which is a very common scenario for Power BI users. Not all business out there work to a standard calendar around financial years or calendar

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Handling Weekday vs. Weekend Dates in Power BI Using DAX

It’s important for many businesses to make sure that you are analyzing over the correct sale period or correct time period in which you’d actually have results. Now if you implement formulas incorrectly in Power BI, especially over iterating functions like AVERAGEX or SUMX, and you iterate over days where you don’t actually have results

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