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Charticulator: A Visual Creator For Power BI

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what Charticulator is and how it can improve your Power BI report. This is an introduction of the Charticulator tool, an alternative visual creator for the native custom visual in Power BI. Charticulator is a Microsoft Research project that lets you present your data through charts and visuals. It transforms

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Best Practices For Power BI Report Development

Best Practices For Power BI Report Developme

Over the last few months, I presented several tutorials, showcasing best practices for Power BI report development for each of the four pillars of Power BI. In this blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to present my personal top 10 list. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of

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Power BI Scatter Chart: Conditional Formatting

Power BI Scatter Chart- Conditional Formatting

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to creatively use a Power BI scatter chart. We’ll also tackle one of its limitations and how we can deal with it. A scatter chart, also known as scatter plot, uses a series of dots to represent data. This type of data visualization is used in showing the relationship

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Native Visuals In Power BI: Basic Charts

Power BI offers a group of native visuals that we can use to build dashboard visualizations. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to use native visuals in Power BI creatively. We’ll be focusing on how to use the three basic charts (Bar Chart, Comparison Bar Chart, Line Chart) in Power BI along with their limitations.

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Dashboard In Power BI: Best Design Practices

Dashboard In Power BI- Best Design Practices

In this tutorial, you’ll learn some fundamental design practices that can help you tell a better data-driven story for your dashboard in Power BI. Power BI dashboards are used to communicate insights. It tells a story through visualizations. Therefore, it is vital to have the proper data visualization to efficiently highlight the insights for your

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