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The Importance Of Creating Compelling Power BI Visualizations

I think this is a good opportunity to run through why creating great visualizations is so important in Power BI. So many times I see reports unfortunately let down by the visualization components of developing within Power BI Desktop. What I demonstrate in this tutorial is a number of techniques that you could leverage off

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Dynamic Segmentation: How To Segment Customers Into Groups Using Advanced DAX

I’m getting complex today with DAX, but that’s because I enjoy showcasing the power of this formula language inside of Power BI. I want you to get there too. This is why I always want to get practical around implementation. Dynamic segmentation is a perfect example of a really valuable commercial insight you can extract

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Data Visualization with Power BI: How To Add Commentary to Your Reports in a Dynamic Way

This idea came up purely from a client requirement, and by implementing it I thought wow, this actually has many applications. It’s also not that difficult to implement in Power BI. I know this happens everywhere in organizations, so I’m sure you can relate, but have you ever created a PowerPoint presentation and then had

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Extracting Unique Insights In Power BI Using Ranking DAX Measures

In this blog, I showcase ranking DAX measures to analyse something really practical and get amazing insights inside Power BI. It’s to work out the total sales of my top 3 salespeople based in any region. A really interesting insight, right? It might seem relatively intuitive, but actually implementing this inside of Power BI is

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How To Organize Your Power BI Data Model – Best Practice Tips


I wanted to highlight in this post some of my best practice tips for Power BI data modelling. In this tutorial, I go through many techniques in detail which I think you’ll find very beneficial as soon as you start implementing these into your reports. You’ll find that as you work through any development, certain

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