Tag: Data Visualization

Find Out How To Quickly Create Virtual Groups In Power BI

Did you know there is a way to create groups virtually in Power BI? I was so happy when I discovered this, as it allows you to quickly and effectively create another grouping dimension in your datasets or data tables. The Power BI team has made it so easy to implement and edit as well.

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Quick Measures Deep Dive – How To Use Them in Power BI Models

Quick measures in Power BI is a fantastic feature that can increase the speed of development immensely. Here, I review how you can start using them and I look at the many considerations of actually implementing them. Quick measures isn’t perfect but it’s being updated all the time. The Power BI team have made a

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The DATEADD Function. The Best And Most Versatile Time Intelligence Function in Power BI

The DATEADD function is by far my go to time intelligence function in DAX at the moment. Mainly because of it’s immense versatility to generate time comparisons over a range of different time frames. This detailed video will go through all the various aspects of how to set up time comparison analysis with this function.

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