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Power BI Small Multiples Visual – New Feature


This blog highlights the Power BI small multiples, which is a new visual feature. At first, I personally really didn’t like it. But when I tried to explore it in detail, I was surprised by what it can do. Although there are some small limitations, the Power BI small multiples is a very good feature

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Power BI Reports Design – Unlimited Possibilities


In this blog, I’m going to just highlight an incredible example of Power BI reports design. It’s so out-of-the-box design, which is outside the normal way that you would think Power BI can do. This Power BI reports design will show you the unlimited possibilities in developing reports engaging your team and your consumers. So

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How To Use Options Within A Bookmark in Power BI


Today, we’ll go on a deep dive into using a bookmark in Power BI. In some of the previous Enterprise DNA videos that I’ve recently done, I showed you how to use bookmarks in reports to hide certain visuals and how to group bookmarks so you can organize them. There isn’t a whole lot of

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Power BI Tooltips On Report Images


With the recent Power BI challenges that we run in Enterprise DNA, I’ve become a huge fan of the Power BI tooltips. I’ve seen them being used in so many ways and they just add so much value to your reports and insights that you can show in a really compelling way. In this tutorial,

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Dynamic Date Slicer In Power BI Using A Period Table


In today’s blog post, I’d like to discuss what we like to call the period table. The period table creates a distinct date range so you can slice your data any way you want. I’ll show you how you can create a dynamic date slicer in Power BI by using this period table. As you

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