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Visualization Ideas To Show Client Growth Through Time


I want to show you a cool technique, bringing together DAX measures and some visualization ideas. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to highlight the trajectory of a client performance through time. I’ll visualize it in a way that you can easily see how a client or customer moved from one group to another

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Showcase Insights Using The Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals Technique In Power BI

This tutorial will cover how to use the Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals technique to create insights from dynamic data visualizations in your Power BI reports. It’s a valuable tool if you want to master Power BI because you can learn many important concepts using this single technique. The example used in this tutorial is a

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Power BI Reporting Techniques: Setting Up Application-Like Reports

I’m going to share with you an interesting Power BI reporting technique, which is about creating some application-like reports using one of the amazing features inside Power BI. These Power BI reporting features can really take your models and reports to the next level in terms of functionality and customer usage. This tutorial is a

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Power BI Reporting Templates Expanded – Power BI Visualization Concepts

In this tutorial, I dive into how to customize Power BI reporting templates efficiently. When you create tables inside Power BI, you can’t format or design them exactly the way you want them to be. You can only use the default order or sequential order that Power BI generates within the table, which can be

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How To Add Custom Power BI Icons Into Your Reports

I’ve become a big fan of using custom Power BI icons in my reports, as I think it just adds a real sense of professionalism to them that is difficult to get elsewhere with any visuals. I wanted to show you here how I do it because I get a lot of questions about it.

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