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Mobile Reporting Tips and Techniques For Power BI

In this really short tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can develop reports effectively for mobile. The Power BI team have made this very easy to implement, so I’m just going to show you how you can initiate it in your Power BI desktop models. I’m also going to show you some best

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Customer Trend Analysis in Power BI Using DAX

We’re really going to use Power BI as an analytical tool today. We’re going to work out how we can find our customers that are purchasing behind trend. You will want to know this so you can keep a really close eye on how our customers’ purchases are going. We know that our top customers

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Enterprise DNA Learning Summit – Session 3 Preview

Two sessions been and gone, with one more to go. The final session of the Enterprise DNA Learning Summit is tomorrow. Big thank you to everyone who has been involved. Have covered an immense amount about Power BI already with more to come tomorrow. Today we went through a wide array of analytical techniques inside

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How To Bring Custom Icons Into Your Power BI Reports

Add Custom Icons to Power BI Reports

I’ve become a big fan of using custom icons in my Power BI reports as I think it just adds a real professionalism to your reports that is difficult to get elsewhere with any visuals for example. I wanted to show you here how I do it. The great thing is it’s easy and there

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