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Power Apps Data Sources: Connecting Your App To Multiple Sources

In this tutorial, we’ll be talking about connecting our app to multiple Power Apps data sources. We already learned about how to connect a single data source to our app in a previous tutorial, and have been using that same source as we created our own app from scratch. But in most cases, you’ll need

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Data Model For Power BI Retail Sites Dashboards

Data Model For Power BI Retail Site Dashboards

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about developing a data model for Power BI Retail Sites Dashboards. The methods discussed will help you harvest valuable insights easily from your report. From start to finish, you’ll see how amazing DAX formulas are in calculating and filtering results for you to harvest and gather. Arranging The Data Tables

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Building Your Data Model Relationships In Power BI

Building Your Data Model Relationships

In today’s tutorial, I want to highlight how important it is to build your data model relationships correctly. Data modelling is one of the foundations of your Power BI report so it’s necessary to set it up correctly. Previously, I discussed some techniques that can help you manage your model right. One of them is

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What Are The Different Data Table Types In Power BI?

What Are The Different Data Table Types

In today’s blog, I want to teach you all about data table types. It’s important to understand how the tables work so you can build your data model effectively. A data table contains columns and rows of information used to achieve easier visual representation. There are two types of tables within a data model: the

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