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Preattentive Attributes: How It Can Impact Your Report

Different Types Of Preattentive Attributes - Enterprise DNA

Preattentive attributes play an important role in our report because they can enhance the user’s experience and overall understanding. Our brain is prewired to process visual content much quicker than text that is why data design is so effective. By seeing the data, it is easier for our brain to intake and retain the information

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Rule Of Thirds: The Composition Rules

Rule Of Thirds The Composition Rules - Enterprise DNA

When it comes to presenting the story, we need to start with the layout. This is where the rule of thirds comes into play. What is the rule of thirds? The rule of thirds is a data storytelling method of arranging the elements within a composition. If we divide the frame with two vertical lines

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Data Driven Storytelling And Design In Action

Data Driven Storytelling And Design In Action - Enterprise DNA

For today’s blog post, I want to talk about data driven storytelling and design in action. I was one of the speakers in the recently concluded Data Visualization 2022 Summit presented by Enterprise DNA last May. For my topic, I wanted to find something interesting enough for the people who followed my course at Enterprise

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Data Storytelling And Important Questions To Ask

Data Storytelling And Important Questions To Ask - Enterprise DNA

When it comes to data storytelling, there are three important factors to consider to make sure that our report tells the right story — the user, the context, and the solution. These factors are critical because they describe the purpose of each report. In a previous tutorial, we described data storytelling as the process of

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Data Storytelling: Thoughtful Planning & Creation Process

Data Storytelling Thoughtful Planning & Creation Process - Power BI - Enterprise DNA

Data story telling is an important part of the report development process. It changes the way the audience views reports and allows them to look at the data being presented in a clearer manner. To truly understand the importance of data story telling, we need to think about the primary goal of creating data visualization

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