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Converting A YYWWD Code Into A Date Value In Power BI

How To Convert YYWWD Code Into Date Value In Power BI Query Editor Tutorial

In this blog, we will be discussing how to convert a YYWWD code into a Date Value. This tutorial was based on a response to a query of an Enterprise DNA Support Forum member. The member asked for a way to convert his Confirmed delivery date field, which is in a year, week, and day of

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Time Based Cohort Analysis – Setting Up Your Data Models In Power BI

In this tutorial, I’m going to do a deep dive into Time Based Cohort Analysis in Power BI. This is a short breakout session from a recent event for Enterprise DNA members. I want to show you how I set up this Cohort Analysis in Power BI. This is the most difficult task when you’re

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Implementing DAX Measure Groups Into Your Reports – A Power BI Modeling Review

In this tutorial, I’ll be talking about a really important topic regarding Power BI modeling and organization. In most of the demos that Enterprise DNA releases across webinars, summits, and to Enterprise DNA members, you will see that the use of measure groups is extensive. There is a very good reason why measure groups have

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Power BI Data Model For Advanced Scenario Analysis Using DAX

I want to show here how incredible Power BI is as an analytical tool. I’ll teach you how to develop a Power BI data model for an advanced scenario analysis. With Power BI, we can achieve so much that we might never have thought possible. Developing scenario analysis logic within a Power BI data model

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How To Set Up Your Financial Data in Power BI

Financial reporting is a very essential tool to communicate past successes as well as future expectations in a company. When you need to complete a financial analysis, you need to set up your financial data in Power BI in a compelling way. It doesn’t matter if your data is from the revenue side, the expense

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