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New vs Existing Customers – Advanced Analytics In Power BI

If you’re an online retailer or a high frequency sales operation, then understanding your customer base, like if they are new customers or existing customers, is a really high quality insight that you can achieve using advanced analytics in Power BI. You’ll want to dive into this type of analysis because you need to evaluate

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Counting Customers Over Time Using DISTINCTCOUNT In Power BI

In this blog post, I’m going to run through how you can calculate how many customers you sell to through time using a few functions such as DISTINCTCOUNT inside of Power BI. There are actually a few ways you can calculate it, which is why I wanted to create a short tutorial on it to

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Power BI Query Parameters: Optimizing Tables

Query parameters are a really strong feature in Power BI. There are many places that you can implement filters in Power BI, but on some occasions, it’s better to do this at the query layer versus the report level. You might want to create filters at the query level if you have massive tables from

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Deep Dive Into The TREATAS Function – Virtual Relationships For Power BI

Deep Dive Into The TREATAS Function - Virtual Relationships For Power BI

In this example, I dive into one of the most advanced DAX functions in Power BI called TREATAS. If you can understand TREATAS, you’ll see that it has so many applications for you across all reports and dashboards which you might be creating inside of Power BI desktop. TREATAS will helps greatly in the simplification of

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