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Measure Branching – The Most Important Concept When Using DAX In Power BI

In this video tutorial I will run through what I feel is one of the most important development strategies or concepts to utilize within Power BI. I call it Measure Branching. The core idea with measure branching is that you start out creating calculations in Power BI with very simple measures. I sometimes refer to

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Optimizing Power BI Tables using Query Parameters

Query parameters are a really strong feature in Power BI. There are many places that you can implement filters in Power BI, but there are some occasions where it’s better to do this at the query level versus the report level. You might want to create filters at the query layer if you have massive

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New Course Release – Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling

You can view details around the new course here – Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling Exciting times here at Enterprise DNA as I’m releasing yet another course into Enterprise DNA Online. The Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling course has been a work in progress for some time as I wanted to make sure that I

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