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Discover How Many Sales Can Be Attributed To New Customers – Advanced Power BI Insights

In this tutorial, I wanted to cover new customer sales and how you can discover this using Power BI. The calculation and logic that we utilize to work out our new customer sales (or revenue) is very similar to just working out the absolute number of new customers that we have. The only difference is that

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Deep Dive Into The CALCULATETABLE Function – An Important DAX Formula To Understand Well

The CALCULATETABLE function is an incredibly important DAX function to learn and understand well. Most of you who are just starting out with Power BI, have probably glanced over this particular function (I certainly did when I first started out using Power BI and writing DAX measures). It’s quite a complex function to understand and

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Discover What Was The Initial Product A Customer Purchased Using DAX

I have another really unique insight to showcase to you in Power BI today. This is unique not only in the actual insight but in terms of how we can return a text value inside a Power BI table. The function that enables us to do this is SelectedValue. This particular function is really powerful

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