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Customer Analysis In Power BI; Reviewing Performance Over Time

How we can create some compelling customer analysis overtime Power BI Video Tutorial

Customer analysis is a crucial thing to do for any business specially if you have a large number of customers. In this particular tutorial, I work through how we can create some compelling customer analysis overtime. I’m looking at customer’s purchasing behaviour between different timeframes and put those into a visualisation, highlighting the information in

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Power BI ‘What-If’ Parameter Feature

Power BI New Feature What If Parameters

Power BI What-If parameters are a really powerful feature to implement in your models for scenario analysis. Scenario analysis is immensely important from an analytical perspective in Power BI and ‘What-If’ parameters allow you to quickly implement tables and measures for this type of analytics. Once you select the What-If parameter icon, it opens a

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Build A Comprehensive Date Table In Power BI Really Fast

Enterprise DNA Power BI Video Tutorial Create a Detailed Date Table Fast

In this post, I’m going to show you what is probably the quickest and most effective way to create a detailed date table in Power BI. If you want to analyze anything over time, there is likely no more important table to create for any Power BI model than a great date table. Creating The

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ALL Function in Power BI – How To Use It With DAX

Did you know that the ALL function can be used to modify the context of a particular calculation in Power BI? Find out everything about how this function works in the post below. What Is The ALL Function In Power BI? The ALL function is an extremely important part of the DAX language in Power

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Using Filter Fields & Visual Interactions To Create Compelling Visualizations In Power BI

I want to show you how you can use filter fields and visual interactions in Power BI to great effect. They create simple and very effective ways to make your visualizations easier and more intuitive for the consumer especially if we need to create groupings of information in our analysis. Filter fields enable you to

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