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Update Your Power BI Dashboard – Power BI Online Service

This is a quick tutorial about how you can make your Power BI dashboard and app more presentable and business-themed. Microsoft recently unveiled a series of updates for Power BI and it’s recommended you utilize these updates to maximize your data management. The dashboard is the key for better data insights, which is why it’s

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Power BI Reporting Techniques: Setting Up Application Like Reports

I’m going to share with you an interesting Power BI reporting technique, which is about creating some application-like reports using one of the amazing features inside Power BI. These Power BI reporting features can really take your models and reports to the next level in terms of functionality and customer usage. This tutorial is a

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The Importance Of Creating Compelling Power BI Visualizations

I think this is a good opportunity to run through why creating great visualizations is so important in Power BI. So many times I see reports unfortunately let down by the visualization components of developing within Power BI Desktop. What I demonstrate in this tutorial is a number of techniques that you could leverage off

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