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The Charticulator: Power BI Alternative Visualization Tool

The Charticulator- Power BI Alternative Visualization Tool

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about creating visualizations using Charticulator and the custom visuals available in Power BI. These two visual tools are responsible for the creation of charts in your report. You’ll understand and see how both tools can generate the same results. Creating Visualizations Using Charticulator This tool can be found in the

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Dashboard In Power BI: Best Design Practices

Dashboard In Power BI- Best Design Practices

In this tutorial, you’ll learn some fundamental design practices that can help you tell a better data-driven story for your dashboard in Power BI. Power BI dashboards are used to communicate insights. It tells a story through visualizations. Therefore, it is vital to have the proper data visualization to efficiently highlight the insights for your

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Create A Marketing Dashboard Using Power BI


For today’s post, I want us to step back from what we’re doing in Power BI and just think more holistically about what we can achieve through analytical scenarios that we might be dealing with in the future. In today’s example, I will do a marketing dashboard review of an advertising campaign and look at

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Recreate A Visualization In A Power BI Dashboard


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to easily recreate a visualization in Power BI and how to organize your dashboard to make it look more compelling. The methods discussed in this blog will help you understand how to approach future reports that you’ll be creating in Power BI. Copy And Paste Visualizations First, clean a

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Adding Product Insights To Customer Dashboards In Power BI


When you want to add more insights to customer dashboards in Power BI, you need to be able to select products. You need to know what products are going well this year versus last year and the 2 years before that. Looking At Product Performance Drag the Product Name, Total Sales, Sales LY, and Sales

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