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Power BI Shape Map Visualization For Spatial Analysis

The Shape Map Visualization is probably my most favorite map visualization inside Power BI. I think it blends in reports and dashboards well. It actually looks a lot better on a report than if you just use the standard map feature. It also has other great visualization features like Drill In, Drill Out and ways

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See Changing Results Using Calculated Columns In Power BI

In this tutorial, I’m going to run through a number of great analytical techniques that you can combine and use within Power BI. For your organization, you may want to understand what’s happening or what is causing the underlying adjustments or changes to your data and results. I will show you in this tutorial some

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Visualization Technique for Power BI: Using Dark Backgrounds

In this tutorial, we go through a simple but very important visualization concept for Power BI, which is to use dark backgrounds for reports and dashboards.  As you have probably seen with the Power BI reports that I create, I’m big on utilizing colors really effectively in my reports. When you use colors in Power

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