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Deneb Power BI Declarative Visualization

Deneb Power BI Declarative Visualization - Enterprise DNA

In this tutorial, we’ll try to understand the basics of Deneb Power BI declarative visualization by discussing the 3 major sections of the Deneb interface. These are the Visual Editor Pane, Preview Area, and Properties Pane. Deneb is a tool that you can use to create visualizations with the use of declarative JSON codes in

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DAX Power BI Tutorial On Report Transparency

Developing Report Transparency Using DAX Formulas - Enterprise DNA

For this blog post, I will be moving on to the last part of my series on report transparency. The first part of this series talks about layout design, while the second part deals with navigation. I would like to move on to the next part of our series, which will be a DAX Power

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Custom Visual In Power BI: Learn How To Control Font Properties In DAX

For this blog post, I want to take some time today and introduce you to a custom visual in Power BI that I’ve started using which provides a lot of flexibility and capabilities that are not possible within native Power BI visuals. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of

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Vega-Lite Tutorial: Exploring Deneb Custom Visual In Power BI

In today’s blog post, I’ll talk about the newly available Deneb Vega-Lite custom visual for Power BI. I used it exclusively in my partial submission for the Enterprise DNA Challenge #17 on environmental data reporting. You can watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. This received some positive feedback,

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Make A Custom Visual For Power BI Using Deneb

I want to talk about the new Deneb custom visual that was recently released for Power BI. This provides an interface for the Vega-Lite language to be used to create an interactive custom visual for Power BI. The Vega-Lite language is based on JSON syntax. It is easier to implement and understand than lower level

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