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Structure A Power BI Deployment Through A Teams Perspective

Structure A Power BI Deployment Through A Teams Perspective - Enterprise DNA

For a Power BI deployment to be successful, the participation and active involvement of different personnel and teams from the organization are crucial. But because Power BI was historically sold as a self-service tool, many organizations have lost the structure for measuring and implementing it as it grows within an organization. In this blog, you’ll

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Center of Excellence – The Ultimate Platform For Teams

Power BI has given data professionals everywhere the power to optimize their data and change the way they deliver insights from it. Imagine the possibilities if entire teams and organizations were to use Power BI seamlessly! That’s where the Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence comes in. Launched last year, we’ve been continuously finding ways to

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CoE Proof Of Concept Program

We’ve been making some huge updates to the Center of Excellence platform recently. And at this point we want to make sure that all businesses looking to empower their teams and their data culture with Power BI have a chance to access our comprehensive partner platform. We’ve made it seriously simple to try out the Center of Excellence. 

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