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Overview Of The DAX Studio Keyword COLUMN

Overview Of The DAX Studio Keyword COLUMN - Enterprise DNA

Another important keyword to learn when using DAX Studio is the COLUMN keyword. In simplest terms, the COLUMN keyword allows you to create and mimic a calculated column in DAX Studio. The following examples are a few of the ways you can use COLUMN in your codes in DAX Studio. Basic Example For this example,

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Format Data In Power BI: Addressing Irregular Data Formats

Format Data In Power BI- Addressing Irregular Data Formats

In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss Problem of the Week #6. I’ll show you how to format data in Power BI involving the use of power query. The screenshot below is the solution that you should have after you’ve done all the data transformation. The actual balance number was $685,616.33. You can watch the full

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Calculated Columns Power BI: Tips & Best Practices

Best Practices When Using Calculated Columns In Power BI

This tutorial will discuss the best practices in using calculated columns in Power BI. We’ll also be going through the DAX formulas used to create them. In previous discussions, we’ve gone through how to write different measures in Power BI, but another technique we can use is to create calculated columns. Other than measures, using

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Getting Started With DAX In Power BI

Getting Started with DAX

The DAX (Data Analysis Expression) formula language is one of the key pillars in Power BI. Learning DAX might be overwhelming at first. But once you understand how it works, you can level up your analytical insights. The key to getting great insights in your reports is through the use of DAX calculations. For this

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Power BI Calculated Column vs Measure: A Comparison

In this blog, I’m going to compare Power BI calculated column and measures, and then cover some of their differences. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog. I’m also going to show you optimal situations where you can use either of them. Creating Calculated Columns I’m going

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