How To Showcase Top Result In A Power BI Card Visualization

This tutorial came out as a question in the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where a member needed to work out the top value for a particular result, and wanted to show it in a Power BI card visualization. Moreover, the member wanted it to be dynamic so that the card visualization will change or update

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Budget Allocation: Monthly Forecasts Across Daily Results In Power BI

In this tutorial, I’ll go through a budget allocation technique in Power BI where you allocate Budgets at a monthly level versus Sales or Transaction Data at a daily level. This scenario is very common when working with any type of forecasted information. As an example, you may have Sales that happen every day, but

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Showing The Last Three Customer Sales Using The TOPN Function

I’m going to cover some great functions here in Power BI that are very useful across a variety of analytic scenarios. Some of these functions can help us work out the last three customer sales. What I want to show you is how to work out the sales from a specific customer, but by only

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Data Normalization in Power BI for Different Days Results

Normalizing Results On Different Days - Time Related Analysis In Power BI Using DAX

This tutorial stems from another question on the Enterprise DNA Forum about data normalization. The techniques that I will teach you will be important in getting rid of anomalies that can possibly make things complicated during the data analysis. Occasionally, when running analysis in Power BI, you may need to take into account the sales

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How the DAX Calculation Engine Works

Breaking down the way DAX works The DAX engine is a complex beast. How it stores the data, then works through it to calculate answers is quite spectacular. Let’s step back for a moment though and try to distill it down into some simple steps, that we can memorise and intuitively start iterating over when

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