How To Use Simple Filters In Power BI

In this article, I am going to give you an overview of simple filters in Power BI. We have already done a few examples regarding this so it should not be too difficult to pick up. I am doing these demonstrations in tables for a good reason. It is easier to understand how formulas work

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Showcase Insights Using The Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals Technique In Power BI

This tutorial will cover how to use the Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals technique to create insights from dynamic data visualizations in your Power BI reports. It’s a valuable tool if you want to master Power BI because you can learn many important concepts using this single technique. The example used in this tutorial is a

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Calculating Weekly Sales w/DAX In Power BI

Calculating the difference between weekly sales results in Power BI is unfortunately not that easy. The reason behind this is that Power BI doesn’t have a weekly-based built-in time intelligence function. The only available options are for the day, month, quarter, and year. I’ll show you with the DATEADD function in this formula. This function

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