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Power Apps Business Process Flow And Documentation

Power Apps Business Process Flow

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn about building a Power Apps business process flow for our model-driven app. Then, we’ll also take a peek at the Microsoft documentation about model-driven apps and how powerful this resource can be. Business process flows ensure that every process follows the same steps depending on the end user’s

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Business Process Flows In Microsoft Power Automate

In this tutorial, we’ll have a quick overview on what Business process flows are and how they work. This is more like a Power Apps feature rather than a Power Automate feature. Business process flows is a way to make the current traditional business process a lot easier by adding a checklist or a flow

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Business Process Flow Integration In Power Automate

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how we can integrate a Business Process flow to another flow in Power Automate. One example is when we want to send a Slack message with some of the recorded information whenever a record is saved on our business process flow.  For this tutorial, we’ll use an Automated Flow because

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PowerApps Form: Adding And Modifying Fields

This tutorial is for associating entity fields to a PowerApps form for a business process flow. We’ll be creating a form that’ll serve as a way for users to input data into an entity or table. It’ll allow users to have a UI that they can use to enter their details and submit it.  Remember

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Common Data Service Entity Creation – Power BI

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about how to create a Common Data Service Entity. Creating this is essential when building a common data service that’s needed in building a business process flow. Common Data Service (CDS) is a data storage system, like a database. It stores data in the form of tables, also known as

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