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Budget vs Actual vs Last Year – Financial Reporting Tips

Here, I’m eager to demonstrate how you can dynamically represent financial information in a compelling manner using Power BI. Now, it’s very easy to study budget vs actual vs last year inside Power BI because of its immense improvement in terms of financial reporting. With this advancement, you can readily evaluate performance and forecast future

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Showing Difference Between Sales And Budgets To Date – Forecasting In Power BI

The topic that I’m going to discuss in this tutorial was part of a full hour workshop on budgeting and forecasting in Power BI during an Enterprise DNA Learning Summit.  This tutorial focuses on how we calculate and highlight the differences between cumulative sales and cumulative budgets up to a certain date only. Firstly, I’ll

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Budgeting Analysis On Best & Worst Performers Using Power BI

I run through a lot of budgeting analysis because I think using Power BI for this type of analysis is extremely effective. Power BI as a tool covers a lot of the analytical components that need to be executed well to complete this analytical work, and then showcases it in an effective way. In this

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Forecasting in Power BI: Compare Performance vs Forecasts Cumulatively w/DAX

Compare Performance vs Forecasts Cumulatively with DAX

Showcasing results cumulatively is, in my opinion, the best way to showcase trends in your data. When comparing data versus budget or forecasts, showing the trends or divergence in trend is essential. You want to make sure you can identify when your performance is breaking down as soon as possible and by viewing this cumulatively

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Compare Actual Results to Budgets Using Power BI Forecasting


Budgeting in Power BI is just not that easy to implement. I wish it was as easy as bringing in your actuals and budgets and then like magic you would be able to see the insights you need visualized in a compelling way simply by using Power BI forecasting. That’s why I created this blog

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