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Cross Selling Matrix In Power BI Using DAX

Cross Selling Matrix Deep Dive - Power BI & DAX Tutorial

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a cross selling matrix in Power BI. This is just a preview of a session that I conducted in an Enterprise DNA Learning Summit. This technique that I’ll demonstrate can add a lot of value to your marketing and sales activities, knowing which products are bought with

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Basket Analysis Introduction – Best Practice Tips For Power BI

Today, I’m going to introduce the amazing things that you can do with the basket analysis technique. With Basket Analysis inside Power BI, you can try to analyze the customer sales of one grouping of products versus another grouping of products. There’s plenty of application for this across Power BI. But for this tutorial, I

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Basket Analysis Example – Power BI Advanced Analytics

In this tutorial, I’m going to run through some of the most advanced types of analytical work you can do with Power BI, and that is Basket Analysis. This theoretical concept has lots of applications across Power BI. What I’m going to go into here is how you can use this type of analysis to

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