Using Iterating Functions SUMX And AVERAGEX In Power BI

One of the most crucial topics for any Power BI beginner to know about is iterating functions. So before you dip your head in working with complex calculations, I will share with you some simple iterating functions in this article. Why Use Iterating Functions? I get this question all the time as I do live

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Working With Iterating Functions In DAX

Iterating Formulas Deep Dive Power BI

I’ve seen some confusion with iterating functions in DAX whenever I work with Enterprise DNA members in the forum. So we will do a review of what can be achieved using these functions and why you should use them. As you get more into DAX formulas, you will use these iterating functions a lot more

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DAX Calculations: Total Of Average Results

This is a very good demonstration of DAX calculations in Power BI. I will show you how you can calculate the total of a range of average results, utilizing the correct DAX formula combination. This requires a reasonable understanding of how iterating functions work within Power BI. These are functions like SUMX, AVERAGEX, MINX, MAXX.

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Calculating Average in Power BI: Isolating Weekday or Weekend Results Using DAX

Calculating an average in Power BI can be done in many ways to give you precise information for your business reports. However, sometimes calculating average sales per day may not be enough. You might run into a scenario where you only sell during weekdays. If you run an averaging pattern in Power BI and you

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AVERAGEX: Calculating Average Per Day In Power BI

Measure Averages Per Day Using AVERAGEX With DAX

Here I’m going to show you how to use the function AVERAGEX with DAX in Power BI. By learning and understanding how to use this function, you very quickly open up a range of analysis that can be incredibly insightful and valuable. Maybe you want to work out the average sales you make per day,

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