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Power BI Challenge Showcase – Valuable Power BI Resource

Power BI Challenge Showcase New Learning Resource

We’re introducing a powerful Power BI resource – the Power BI Challenge Showcase. When we launched the Power BI Challenge in June, we knew that it was a great way for Power BI users everywhere to showcase their skills. Since then, it has evolved into much more than just a friendly competition. The Power BI

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We’re Building The Ultimate Collaboration Tool For Power BI Users Called The Analyst Hub

Power BI remains true to its name in the sense that it is one of the most powerful tools anyone can use for data reporting, visualization, analysis, and a lot more. For some time now we’ve thought there must be a way for analysts to scale their development work in Power BI. Not only that,

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Announcing Enterprise DNA’s Center of Excellence

Some very exciting news to share from Enterprise DNA today. After months of working on and improving our education platform, we’re now ready to release our new Center of Excellence program to organisations worldwide using Power BI. With the Center of Excellence (CoE) we have tailored our Power BI partnership offering to organisations looking to

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Enterprise DNA’s 2020 At A Glance

Hi everyone! What a year! 2020 hasn’t exactly been easy to handle. Four months into the pandemic and businesses have been closing down. Even big retail stores are declaring bankruptcy. But Enterprise DNA is still here, standing strong. We may have had some down moments, but we bounced right back. That’s because we believe that

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