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Power BI Challenges Now On Its 9th Leg

We’ve started the 9th leg of our Power BI Challenges, this time focusing on currency conversion. There’s so much conversation within the Enterprise DNA Forum on this topic that we decided it’s about time we dedicate a challenge to it. As you probably know, we aim to keep things interesting by highlighting different industries every

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Enterprise DNA Business Intelligence Summit, Coming Soon – November 2020

Enterpise DNA Learning Summit is now rebranded and will be called Enterprise DNA Business Intelligence Summit. We’ll have this free quarterly event again this November and we’re expecting a large turnout and have some exciting sessions planned. Already we now have close to 1000 Power BI users registered to join. There will be plenty of

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CoE Proof Of Concept Program

We’ve been making some huge updates to the Center of Excellence platform recently. And at this point we want to make sure that all businesses looking to empower their teams and their data culture with Power BI have a chance to access our comprehensive partner platform. We’ve made it seriously simple to try out the Center of Excellence. 

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8th Power BI Challenge Now Wrapped Up – Jira IT Service Desk Analysis

Time flies when you’re having fun, especially if the fun comes from solving a Power BI Challenge! Just like that, we’re done with yet another round, and the submissions were insightful and creative, as always. The 7th round was about purchases, inventory and sales. This time, we challenged our participants to work on a problem

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Education Platform And Pricing Updates From Enterprise DNA


We have been making a lot of updates to many areas of Enterprise DNA’s education platform, resources, and applications lately.  Some of these have been mentioned before. With a lot of our latest initiatives finally taking shape in recent weeks, it has come to a point where we need to reassess and revise how our pricing works.  In this blog, I want to detail some of the reasons why we are

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