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Professional Service Analytics Reports In Power BI

In this Power BI Showcase, we’ll go through reports showing professional service analytics. The professional services firm in this example engages in several contracts with clients from a range of different business functions.  We’re looking to analyze how much time is spent with each of these clients. There are different metrics to show how that

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Use Power BI Measure Branching To Check If Your Margins Expand As Revenue Grows

In this post, we’re going to look at an analytical insight where we find out if our profit margins grew together with our revenue. We can do this through the use of Power BI measure branching. This is important because we want to see if revenue expansion or getting the market share is actually good

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How To Use The Built-in Analytics For Power BI Scatter Charts

In this tutorial, I will run you through the built-in analytics functionality that we have available to us in Power BI Desktop.  Already, you can create some compelling visualizations in Power BI, especially around scatter charts. But the analytics function allows us to overlay additional information into our visualizations, letting us illustrate results in many

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