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Forecasting Technique: Exploring Forecasting Logic In Power BI Models

If you want to have a real-world example scenario of forecasting using Power BI, you’re in the right page. You’ll find in this tutorial a forecasting technique that you can surely implement in your own work environment. In the example, I compare my actual results to my forecasts and look at them cumulatively. The cumulative

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Managing Seasonality In Your Budget Analytics – Advanced Power BI

Completing budgeting analysis in Power BI is unfortunately just not that easy. What I’m going to go through today is possibly the most advanced technique that you can get to with budget analytics as we need to incorporate some seasonality into our budgeting numbers. I detail this quite extensively in the video tutorial, so there’s

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AVERAGEX: Calculating Average Per Day In Power BI

Measure Averages Per Day Using AVERAGEX With DAX

Here I’m going to show you how to use the function AVERAGEX with DAX in Power BI. By learning and understanding how to use this function, you very quickly open up a range of analysis that can be incredibly insightful and valuable. Maybe you want to work out the average sales you make per day,

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