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Multiple ‘What If’ Parameter Handling In Power BI

Do you want to see how advanced you can get with Power BI? I want to show you here what would most likely be my favourite way to use Power BI. Not just because of what insights you can find, but also the ease of which you can implement this analysis compared to what it

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Scenario Analysis Techniques Using Multiple ‘What If’ Parameters – Advanced DAX

Power BI is an incredible tool to run scenario analysis and what-if analysis examples. I’ve actually never seen or come across an analytical tool that is as effective and intuitive to implement this type of complex analytics. The key is that you’ve got to think more analytically about the underlying elements in your datasets than

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Segment Your Customers Into Groups – Advanced DAX Example

I’m getting complex today with DAX, but that’s because I enjoy showcasing the power of this formula language inside of Power BI. I want you to get there too. It’s why I always want to get practical around implementation. This is a perfect example of a really valuable commercial insight you can extract out of

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