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How To Use The CROSSJOIN Function – Power BI & DAX Tutorial

CROSSJOIN function

For this blog post, I want to demonstrate the CROSSJOIN function. I’m going to show an example of how I used it, and then explain when and where you can use it as well. CROSSJOIN is a really effective function that you can utilize inside of Power BI to essentially bind two tables of data

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Forecasting Product Demand Using Power BI Analysis Techniques

In this tutorial I run through some great scenario analysis techniques and demonstrate how you can combine several of them in Power BI. I’m talking about forecasting product demand. Power BI is an amazing tool for data analysis when you can implement techniques like this one. Take a situation where you want to analyze future

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Showcasing And Understanding Anomalies In Power BI

Many times with the analytical work that you are completing, you may want to showcase anomalies. The reason for doing this type of analysis is that you will sometimes want to understand why you’re receiving some type of outlier or anomaly in your data set. Additionally, you want to be able to narrow your focus into

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Advanced Analytics In Power BI: Threshold Triggers Using DAX

In this tutorial, I run through an advanced analytics technique in Power BI called Threshold Triggers. With this analytical concept in Power BI, you can set certain thresholds or certain trigger points via a supporting table in your data model. Once you’ve added this supporting table and it’s inputs, you can then run logic through

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Showcase QoQ Sales Using Time Intelligence In Power BI

In this tutorial, we’re going to cover how to calculate quarter on quarter sales differences using time intelligence in Power BI. We’re not just going to do it at a granular level- we are going to try and analyze trends based on quarter on quarter sales. Sometimes when you are looking at something from a

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