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Optimize Power BI Formulas Using Advanced DAX

I’ll go over some interesting concepts that involve using several table functions to optimize your Power BI formulas. I’m going to use an example from the Enterprise DNA Support Forum where one of the members asked if it’s possible to add a filter while using the SUMMARIZE function. This is quite common for scenarios when

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Advanced Tips To Optimize Your Power BI Table

This tutorial showcases some advanced tips to optimize your Power BI table. I’ll show you how to break out your large table into multiple ones. This concern is quite common across legal database systems with huge flat files of information. Huge tables need to be broken down into simpler tables for easy information management. Most

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Segmenting Dimensions Based On Ranking – Advanced Analytical Technique For Power BI

In this example, we’re going to get quite advanced in Power BI using DAX. We are going to focus on segmenting dimensions based on its ranking on that particular table. This is an amazing concept of how you can utilize calculated columns within Power BI. This can bring additional insights that would have never been

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Best Tips In Using The Apps Inside Power BI Online Service

For this tutorial, I’ll show you how the apps in Power BI Online Service can help you in managing reports and insights from various sources.  I’ll share with you how to manage these Power BI Apps so you can fully utilize and integrate them into your reports and dashboards to create a maximum impact. I’ll

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Data Segmentation Techniques Based On Any Measure – Advanced DAX

Data Segmentation Techniques Based On Any Measure - Advanced DAX

This tutorial will outline a few data segmentation techniques based on any measure that you can easily apply to your reports. Data segmentation is a unique way of looking at your data. When you use this technique, you can easily break out your top and worst sales data. Several courses and downloadable resources on segmentation

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