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Data Segmentation Techniques Based On Any Measure – Advanced DAX

Data Segmentation Techniques Based On Any Measure - Advanced DAX

This tutorial will outline a few data segmentation techniques based on any measure that you can easily apply to your reports. Data segmentation is a unique way of looking at your data. When you use this technique, you can easily break out your top and worst sales data. Several courses and downloadable resources on segmentation

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How To Calculate Occupancy Days Per Month In Power BI Using DAX

This tutorial highlights how we’re able to calculate occupancy days using DAX in Power BI. This is quite helpful for organizations like hospitals, Airbnb, hotels, etc. This is an interesting insight if you want to dive into managing your occupancy levels effectively. This topic came through the Enterprise DNA support forum that I think deserves

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Effective Ways To Use The GROUPBY Function In Power BI

In this insightful tutorial, I want to feature the GROUPBY function in Power BI. I’ll demonstrate the different ways that you can use this DAX function. Honestly, I haven’t used the GROUPBY function too often, mainly because there are several ways to solve things in Power BI using other table functions. For instance, I’ve used

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Custom Conditional Formatting Techniques In Power BI

There have been some relatively recent updates when it comes to creating custom conditional formatting inside your Power BI tables. For this tutorial, I want to highlight the various things you can do with this new feature. The conditional formatting in Power BI allows users to specify customized cell colors based on cell values, other values or

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Power BI Banding & Segmenting Example Using DAX

In this tutorial, I go over a Power BI banding and grouping example using the DAX formula. This is quite an advanced example, but it does show an awesome way that you can visualize your reports. Sometimes, you might want to visualize your reports in a certain way that shows a particular insight effectively. However,

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