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Power BI Slicers Tutorial: Counting Selections Correctly

Power BI Slicers Tutorial Counting Selections Correctly - Enterprise DNA

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to work through a subtle issue with Power BI slicers that can trip you up if you’re not careful. I want to run through it with you in the hopes that if you encountered it, it wouldn’t cause you the same problems. You can watch the full video of this

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Get Power BI Previous Week Values Using DAX & Power Query

Retrieving previous period values in Power BI is a common task, but retrieving previous week values requires some special attention. In this tutorial, I’ll discuss two straightforward and versatile methods for obtaining Power BI’s previous week values that can be useful additions to your toolbox – one using DAX and the other using Power Query.

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DAX And Power Query | Creating Self-Sorting Columns

Subsequent to a recent DAX pop quiz that I prepared and posted on LinkedIn, one of the people who responded to the quiz raised a fascinating idea, via which text columns no longer needed a numeric sort column to put them in proper order. I experimented with this new approach and it worked beautifully. In

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Row Context And Filter Context In A Power BI DAX Code

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at a piece of DAX code. You may have already used something like this. Or, you may come across it and be confused about how this code works and how both Row Context and Filter Context seem to be interacting with each other in just a

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Power BI Modulo and Integer-Divide DAX Functions

I thought it’d be interesting to find a way to highlight functions and operators in Power BI that you may haven’t come across before, deeply buried in the menus, or those that you may have seen, but don’t really know what they do. In this tutorial, I’d like to highlight the Power BI Modulo and

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