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Power BI Banding & Segmenting Example Using DAX

In this tutorial, I go over a Power BI banding and grouping example using the DAX formula. This is quite an advanced example, but it does show an awesome way that you can visualize your reports. Sometimes, you might want to visualize your reports in a certain way that shows a particular insight effectively. However,

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Cross Selling Matrix In Power BI Using DAX

Cross Selling Matrix Deep Dive - Power BI & DAX Tutorial

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a cross selling matrix in Power BI. This is just a preview of a session that I conducted in an Enterprise DNA Learning Summit. This technique that I’ll demonstrate can add a lot of value to your marketing and sales activities, knowing which products are bought with

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Power BI Data Model For Advanced Scenario Analysis Using DAX

I want to show here how incredible Power BI is as an analytical tool. I’ll teach you how to develop a Power BI data model for an advanced scenario analysis. With Power BI, we can achieve so much that we might never have thought possible. Developing scenario analysis logic within a Power BI data model

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How To Implement Cohort Analysis In Power BI – Advanced DAX Concepts

In this blog, I am introducing Power BI cohort analysis. This was one of the topics that I went through in detail in a Learning Summit, where I demonstrated what cohort analysis is and how you can do it in Power BI. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set it up inside your

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Power BI Grouping Technique: Aged Trial Balance Using DAX

We’re going to explore a really unique Power BI grouping or segmentation example in this tutorial. We’ll create an aged trial balance grouping inside Power BI. This technique involves re-using many of the grouping and segmentation patterns that we already learned. Utilizing Power BI grouping patterns for this unique example is no different. The idea

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