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Python I for Power BI Users – New Course in the Enterprise DNA Education Platform

by | 2:00 am EDT | October 19, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

Power BI is already a powerful analytical tool as it is. But when you use Python for Power BI, that power is amplified even further, unlocking a whole new world of capabilities and possibilities.

One thing that stops data professionals from diving into Python is the fear of getting lost in the middle of it, especially since most people assume that it’s a complicated tool to learn and implement. The truth is, Python can be easy to grasp and leaves a lot of room for flexibility. That’s why this new course in the Enterprise DNA Learning Platform is essential if you want to step up your Power BI insights.

What To Expect From The Course

The course Python For Power BI Users was created by Gaelim Holland, a scientist turned data professional with a strong background in data analytics and data science. One of our newest Enterprise DNA experts, his interest in Python stems from its flexibility and the ease by which it allows users to solve problems quickly.

Through this course, Gaelim shares these benefits of Python. He makes the course easy and uncomplicated even for beginners by starting off with principles and best practices that allow you to maximize Python while avoiding potential conflicts within Power BI.

This course covers the following topics:

  • How to install, configure, and optimize Python, some add-on packages, and the needed IDEs
  • How to prepare and transform data within Power Query using Python
  • How to easily perform analytical tasks that are usually difficult to do using Power BI alone
  • How to create visuals that are not possible using Power BI’s native visualization capabilities
  • How to automate and enhance Power BI report elements
  • How to build a stable environment while minimizing potential conflicts

With these topics and more, you can have a solid foundation on the use of Python and can help you level up the way you transform your data and deliver more insightful results.

Enterprise DNA Education Platform

The Enterprise DNA Education Platform is a comprehensive learning resource that gives Power BI users tips, techniques, and best practices in developing powerful Power BI reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Power BI user, there is so much to learn from the new courses that are added into the portal on a monthly basis.

To learn more about the platform, watch this video.

The learning platform allows you to enroll for specific courses individually. But if you really want to maximize learning, signing up for an Enterprise DNA Membership is still the best investment. This gives you full access to current and future courses, as well as exclusive events and resources.

Expect new courses to be uploaded to the platform soon! If you’re not yet a member, take this as a sign for you to grab a membership now.

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