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Future-Proof Your Career, Master Data Skills + AI


Prove Your Power BI Skills Through The Enterprise DNA Certification

by | 3:37 pm EDT | September 21, 2020 | Announcement, Power BI

If you know the real value of your advanced Power BI skills and knowledge, then you’ll also know how valuable an Enterprise DNA Certification is.

Power BI can be used across different fields and industries. This alone tells you that mastering the ins and outs of every Power BI tool can make a huge impact in your career. That impact can be further heightened with an Enterprise DNA Certification in your name.

The Enterprise DNA Certification

The Enterprise DNA Certification proves that you can do high-quality development work within Power BI. It was created for Enterprise DNA members to showcase who has above average Power BI skills.

When we say above average, this means that you’re not just knowledgeable with basic terms and formulas. It also means that you can pull a rabbit out of a hat across different scenarios. It means having the ability to create compelling reports, detailed analytical models, and resolve different Power BI scenarios.

Once you’re certified, you can finally enjoy the following:

  • Showcase that you have mastered advanced analytical techniques
  • Promote your development abilities to the world of Power BI users
  • Learn how to review a data scenario and implement sound analytical logic to it
  • Master the use of DAX formulas to showcase interesting insights that matter
  • Market yourself as a Power BI expert at the top of your game

With a Power BI Certification on your side, the possibilities are endless. It’s the ultimate proof that your Power BI skills have long surpassed the basics.

Your name will also be part of a prestigious list of other Power BI experts as seen in this link:

Current Members Certified By Enterprise DNA

How To Achieve Your Certification

The Enterprise DNA Certification is nothing new. But the skills required to prove that you are a Power BI expert continuously evolves as the demands advance.

Previously, Enterprise DNA members only needed to replicate 4 modules to be certified. Now, these 3 steps have to be fulfilled before being given an Enterprise DNA Certification:

  1. Pass the Enterprise DNA Assessments
  2. Show that you have the underlying knowledge to apply advanced Power BI techniques to a variety of situations by resolving various scenarios in the Enterprise DNA Forum
  3. Showcase that you know and understand all 4 key pillars to high quality Power BI development by joining the Power BI Challenges

With an Enterprise DNA Certification, you can show that you understand the foundation and advanced techniques in Power BI. It also means that you’re confident in resolving various challenges using Power BI.

The certification comes in 3 levels, with Level 3 being the highest. To find out more about what it takes to be certified, click on this link.

Being certified means that you can efficiently build the most effective Power BI models from scratch. You can also seamlessly combine multiple DAX functions together to deliver high quality insights.

In other words, an Enterprise DNA Certification is the best way to show people that your Power BI skills meet the highest standards. It means you’ve invested time and energy into mastering development techniques curated by Enterprise DNA.

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