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Power Query/M Masterclass #1 – New Course on Enterprise DNA

by | 6:03 am EDT | June 30, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

We’re ending June with a bang by introducing a new course on the Enterprise DNA Education Platform — the 1st of many installments of the Power Query/M Masterclass.

Those who will sign up for this course is in for a real treat because Enterprise DNA Expert Melissa de Korte will be hosting this class. Those who have been actively following the discussions in the Enterprise DNA Forum know Melissa as our resident Power Query and M savant. This is the first time that Melissa will be sharing her expertise in the form of a course, so there’s definitely a world of learning to be gained on this first part of the course alone.

What to Expect from the Course

More than the fact that we’re going to learn the art of Power Query and M codes straight from the expert, another thing that’s exciting about this class is the fact that both rookies and advanced users will be able to expand their skills with this course.

Power Query can be a challenge to work with but Melissa lays it all down in a systematic manner, touching on values, lists, records, tables, and functions — Power Query’s most basic and most essential elements.

The course includes these sub-topics:

  • The Power Query Editor
  • M Data types and operators
  • The “let” expression
  • Values
  • Selection and Projection

With Melissa’s approach, beginners can get a better grasp of what the Power Query can do for them and how it can be applied to whatever industry or line of work they’re in. The course can show them best practices that they can apply to their own process and get tips on how to improve on it over time.

As for the more advanced users, they can gain more insight on how they can use M codes to manipulate different elements in their process and learn how to develop custom functions for their reports and dashboards.

Through Power Query, users can transform their data in ways you can’t begin to imagine, allowing them to simplify their DAX, improve their data models, and amplify the performance of their reports.

Enterprise DNA Education Platform

The Enterprise DNA Education Platform is a vast learning resource that allows Power BI users to master techniques in developing compelling Power BI reports, dashboards, and visualizations. It contains courses that cater to both beginner and advanced users, with new courses being added into the portal every month.

To learn more about the platform, watch this video.

You can enroll for specific courses within the platform individually. However, signing up for an Enterprise DNA On-Demand will give you the best value for your learning investment. Not only will the membership give you access to all current and future courses, it also unlocks exclusive resources and events as well.

Watch out for the new courses we’ll be introducing in the coming months. If you are not a member yet, take this as a clear sign for you to sign up.

Expect new courses to be uploaded on the platform soon, and for those who aren’t members yet, we encourage you to grab this opportunity to become one.

Enterprise DNA Upcoming Courses

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Enterprise DNA Team

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