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Power BI Showcase – New Set Of Emergency Services Analytics

by | 5:21 am EDT | August 10, 2021 | Announcement, Power BI

Last week, we released a set of showcases straight from the submissions from Power BI Challenge #14 about Emergency Services Analytics. This time, we’ve uploaded yet another set of reports with the same topic to the Power BI Showcase made by our Enterprise DNA Experts.

Power BI Showcase

The Power BI Showcase is a collection of reports and dashboards that Enterprise DNA members can download to gain some hands-on practice. It’s a great way to learn a few tips and tricks from the people who created the report.

The topic we covered here is very timely, knowing that emergency services is heavily in use in today’s current global setting. This makes it a perfect area to analyze knowing that our challenges and showcases are always based on real-life scenarios.

Emergency Services Analysis

This dashboard was created by Jarrett Moore, one of our experts who does amazing work in data modeling, DAX, conditional formatting, and Power Query editing, among others.

Another thing that Jarrett does really well is packing each page of his reports with as much analysis as possible without making it seem cluttered or overwhelming. That’s exactly what he did here.

Power BI Showcase

The homepage has line graphs showing the number of calls, time between the call and departure, time between departure and pickup, time between pickup and arrival at the hospital, and time between the call and job completion. It also has pie charts for the age group breakdown and job times breakdown, as well as a table in the middle showing more specific details like patient number, gender, age, station, hospital, protocol, and average time of call in minutes.

The 2nd page shows the overall hospital and station performance based on the amount of time between the call and the arrival at the hospital. There are filters on either side, with the hospitals on the left side and the stations on the right.

Power BI Showcase

Both pages also have general filters on top for the staff name, gender, protocol, and date range.

Emergency Response Analytics

The 2nd report is from Alex Badiu, whose background is mostly in finance.

He provides an overview that’s brimming with information on the data given. It shows specifics like total number of calls, number of call staff, average length of call, and average handover time, among others. It also shows details on the different protocols plus bar charts showing the split by gender and age group.

Power BI Showcase

There is also an entire page showing selected metrics compared to the lowest monthly hospital average.

The overall details are also shown in table form, with the patient ID, position, full name, ambulance station, manager, and selected metric clearly laid out. There are filters on top that allow users to zero in on more specific data based on the station, position, and metric.

Health Services Dashboard

The last dashboard in this set was created by Greg Philps, who has extensive experience not just in Power BI, but also in SSAS, SSIS, SSMS and SSRS.

Greg took a unique approach here by using separate PBIX files for the dataset and the report. He wanted to focus on the technical infrastructure instead of putting too much effort into the final report’s utility.

Power BI Showcase

Greg also gave quite a detailed narrative on his goals for this report, as well as a clear rundown of the things he like and didn’t about his final result.

The Power BI Showcase

Power BI truly is a dynamic tool and these new reports in the Power BI Showcase is evidence of that. The fact that different users can create unique reports coming from different perspectives despite the use of the same dataset is amazing.

Remember that the reports in the Power BI Showcase course can be downloaded as .pbix files, so don’t hesitate to play around with them and learn a trick or two as you explore how these reports were made.

You can also upgrade to a full membership to make the most out of the resources we provide here at Power BI, as this gives you access not just to these showcases, but to exclusive courses, tools and events as well. These will pave the way for you to master the ins and outs of Power BI and further excel in your chosen field of expertise.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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