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New On Power BI Showcase – Health & Substance Abuse Analysis

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At Enterprise DNA, our goal is to empower data users to improve their world. This is why it is our goal to show how Power BI can help people from all sectors – including those in the healthcare industry.

Data analytics is a must-have tool for leading the fight against substance abuse and addiction. Through analytical data, we can help healthcare providers improve their understanding of the patient through behavioral patterns, predict risk of relapse, design better treatment plans, and improve patient outcome.

We’ve recently updated our Showcase gallery to include substance abuse reports to help data analysts in the medical industry perform their work better.

What Is The eDNA Power BI Showcase?

The Power BI Showcase is a collection of downloadable reports and dashboards that come from different industries and applications.

Anyone who subscribes to the Enterprise DNA On-Demand platform can download these reports and use them as a springboard to start their own.

Once a member downloads a report, they can analyze how the data was put together and how it was delivered into bite-sized pieces, making it easier for consumers to understand.

These reports were made by our growing community of data enthusiasts which you can join by participating in the forums and joining the data challenges held monthly.

Brand New Dashboards Added

Substance Abuse Data Analysis

Gustaw Dudek and Brian Julius created an amazingly designed showcase with intuitive navigation features and comprehensive statistical insights.

This report consists of 2 main analytical sections, and is based entirely on a single pbix page with a few tooltip pages.

Substance Abuse Treatment Analysis

Todd Fetcho crafted a well-written report with great technical inputs and analytical insights which simplify complex information into manageable, digestible chunks of information.

Substance Abuse Data Dashboard

Jessica Bramow submitted an intuitive dashboard with clean design and good visuals that makes the data simple and easy to understand.

Substance Abuse Data Showcase

Manan Intodia came up with a clear, intuitive and beautifully laid presentation that provides key insights of the data.

Health (Substance Abuse) Data Analytics

Wanderson Barbosa submitted a highly creative report that features triggering conditional formatting.

Substance Abuse Report Analysis

Franziola Chiu presented an interactive report with clean design using text and essential graphs.

The Power BI Showcase is just one of the many things that add great value to an Enterprise DNA subscription. By having a range of reports from various industries and job functions you can download and play around with, your own report development is made faster than ever.

For those who have not yet upgraded to On-Demand, this could be the sign you’ve been waiting for.

All the best,
Enterprise DNA Team

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