New On Power BI Showcase – COVID-19 Reporting

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One of Power BI’s biggest strengths is the fact that it is such a dynamic tool. We see so many applications spanning different industries. This much is evident in our Power BI Showcase.

The Power BI Showcase features downloadable reports and dashboards, with each one focusing on a unique purpose and industry. These downloadable resources allow users to have hands-on experience in using techniques that they learned from the learning portal or from the Enterprise DNA Forum.

Power BI Showcase

Because we don’t want the learning experience to stop, we’ve added another batch of reports to the showcase, this time involving Covid-19 reporting.

Covid-19 Reporting

If there’s one real-life scenario that gives us a huge amount of data to work with, it’s the current pandemic. That’s what this report is made for.

The report opens up to a world map with an overview of the numbers on top showing the total number of confirmed cases, recovered cases, and deaths. Clicking on a specific group would show the summary per continent on the lower left. On the right side, it shows how each country is performing compared to the predicted outcomes. All of these are color-coded based on which group you want to see.

power bi showcase
power bi showcase

Hovering your pointer over ay country on the map gives further information, with the month, season, and number of cases summarized on top.

The same thing happens when you hover over any point on the scatter chart on the right. This time, it gives a comparative summary of the deaths, confirmed cases, and recovered cases.

power bi showcase

There are also filters on the upper right corner, allowing you to zero in on specific time periods or seasons.

If you want to learn how this report was made, join this members-only Power BI Masterclass with out Covid dashboard expert team.

Pandemic Outbreak Report

The 2nd Covid-19 report aims to give an overview of the most recent trends with the main KPIs on full display.

It shows scatter charts for vaccination percentage, number of new cases, and death ratio over the specified time period on the slider on the upper right. The data can be filtered by country, which can be chosen through the dropdown menu on the upper left. Once a country is chosen, the data point for that specific country becomes a darker shade of yellow to put emphasis on it.

Hovering on any of the points on the chart will also reveal additional information.

power bi showcase

Looking at the rightmost part of the report, it also shows a list of Covid-19 hotspots. There are also tabs that reveal hotspots for confirmed cases and for deaths.

Clicking on the bottommost tab shows the number of excess deaths as compared to the expected number of deaths.

power bi showcase

If you find this report useful and would like to learn how this was created, you can join the members-only Power BI Masterclass hosted by Sam McKay and Alex Badiu on this exact topic.

Covid-19 Global Dashboard

The third report focuses on a single state, but it provides an in-depth look at every relevant piece of information, including the state’s preparation and response, the impact based on demographics, the status of vaccinations, and some advanced modelling.

power bi showcase

Clicking on the case overview shows the total number of confirmed cases, deceased, and hospitalizations in the state. A table showing the number of cases per county is also shown on the right side. Clicking on one of those counties will highlight the area on the map and will show the specific numbers.

As for the preparation and response page, it shows an extremely detailed look into the state’s response capacity, public health risks, economic and food security, social distancing and critical care supplies.

power bi showcase

The tab for demographics gives a summary first before diving into the impact of the pandemic based on demographics. The data is then further broken down based on the number of cases per demographic, the impact of the pandemic on unemployment, worker characteristics, and group settings.

power bi showcase
power bi showcase

The report goes right back into a map of the state upon clicking on the vaccination tab. But this time, it shows the number of people who have been given the first vaccine, and those who have completed both shots. There is also information on who’s getting vaccinated, the distribution, and the vaccines administered.

power bi showcase

The Power BI Showcase

See how dynamic Power BI is? Considering that all three reports covered a single industry, the creators of these reports still managed to utilize the tool to highlight different areas and different scenarios.

The fact that these reports can be downloaded as .pbix files makes the Power BI Showcase course worth it. But don’t limit yourself to that. If you really want to develop your Power BI skills, upgrading to full membership will give you the best value. From there, you can start mastering the ins and outs of the tool, and who knows? We could be seeing you on our list of Power BI experts.

Enterprise DNA Team

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