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New on Power BI Showcase – Call Centre Data Reporting

by | 4:40 am EDT | May 24, 2022 | Announcement, Power BI

Power BI has never failed to show its versatility as one of the best platforms for data professionals. The fact that we are able to focus on different topics every time we upload new reports to the Power BI Showcase proves this fact.

Power BI Showcase

In this new batch of uploads, we’re looking at reports that deal with call centre data. The downloadable pbix files are great resources for those who want to learn best practices in dealing with this type of reports.

These files are also submissions from the recently concluded 19th round of the Enterprise DNA Challenge. Although we’re only uploading three reports here, the truth is, there are a number of other showcases submitted that serve as great learning tools. To access these other reports, you can visit the Enterprise DNA Forum or upgrade to a full membership to access all the report submissions.

Call Centre Comprehensive Data Report

The first report was created by Abu Bakar N. Alvi, who shares that he focused on the 4 pillars that make a great Power BI report for this project. He admitted that Alex Badiu’s course on data storytelling also played a huge role on his report development process.

He shared his own report development process in the forum in great detail and talked about how he took the time to really dive into every single measure and apply conditional formatting so that it would work well visually as well.

Call Centre Data In-Depth Report

A first-time participant to our Power BI challenges, Bernat Duran showed amazing skills in this innovative report. He provided in-depth analysis of the patterns in the data provided and managed to beautifully balance these insights with simple but impactful visualizations.

He also shares that as he worked on this report, he kept in mind that his final goal is to provide the best view of the overall operations of the call centre in the scenario, making it easier for end users to understand the data presented.

Call Centre Executive Summary Report

In his report, Jose Antonio Fernández Puga showed how well Power BI works with 3rd party tools that help in creating beautiful and insightful reports like this one. Another first-time participant in our Power BI Challenge, he shares that he used the learnings he got from our course about Report Development Best Practices as taught by our Enterprise DNA Expert Greg Philps.

The report creator used Flaticon for his UI design and PureViz animation to make his visualizations pop out. He also used a number of different techniques like pop out report filters and linking bookmark navigator to create a truly unique submission.

Other reports you might want to check out:
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Call Centre Analytics by Maja Spanic
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Call Centre Data Insights by Brian Julius
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Call Centre Data – Analytical Module by Gustaw Dudek
Call Centre Analysis by Jarrett Moore
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Call Centre Agent Perfomance Insights by Paul Gerber
Call Centre Dashboard and Reporting by Tim Weinzapfel

The Power BI Showcase

Members always learn something fresh each time we upload a new set of reports in our Power BI Showcase. It’s truly effective for members to download the pbix files and piece together how these reports were built so that they can also apply the techniques used on their own reports.

The Power BI Showcase is just one of the many things that add great value to the Enterprise DNA membership. So if you have not yet upgraded to a full membership, consider this as a nudge for you to do so.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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