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Power BI Challenges – 7th Round Winners

by | 3:09 pm EDT | October 06, 2020 | Announcement, Power BI Challenge

The 7th round of the Power BI Challenges yielded yet another epic batch of submissions from all the participants.

It does seem that this specific challenge was too much for some, as shown by the number of participants this week. As most of you probably know, we aim to cover different industries for every round. In this case, the challenge was about Purchases, Inventory and Sales.

Power BI Challenges

The Power BI Challenges have been amazing in building a more collaborative atmosphere among Power BI users everywhere. Happening every three weeks, these challenges are open to both members and non-members of Enterprise DNA.

So far, we’ve succeeded in covering completely different scenarios from various industries challenge after challenge. Every challenge also mimics real-life scenarios. This ensures that the entire process is a learning opportunity that participants can apply in their own jobs or projects.

Power BI Challenges

What proves to be the best part of the job for the Enterprise DNA team is seeing how creative everyone is in coming up with solutions to every scenario. We see so many different approaches in every round. In fact, the different perspectives have helped start amazing conversations in the Enterprise DNA Forum!

This also makes it more difficult to pick a challenge winner every round. We gauge winners based on their ability to create a Power BI report with these in mind:

  • Loading and transforming data
  • Data modeling
  • DAX calculations
  • Reports and visualizations

The success of these Power BI Challenges has also paved the way for more resources in Enterprise DNA Online. In fact, all entries from the Power BI challenges are now part of our Power BI Challenge Showcase. Here, Enterprise DNA members can download the reports and experience firsthand how to gain better insights from them.

Power BI Challenges

The prize itself has so much value, especially for those who want to further advance their skills and knowledge in Power BI. Winners get a complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA online, giving them access to more amazing resources. As for winners who are already members of the Enterprise DNA community, they can pass their prize to someone else who would also benefit from these Power BI resources.

Aside from the usual member and non-member winners, we also have a newcomers category to encourage newbies in Power BI to practice their analytical and data visualization skills.

Challenge #7 Results

There were less submissions for this challenge. But that didn’t make the job of choosing a winner easier. It was obvious that every submission was meticulously planned and well thought out.

But of course, one submission bested the rest. Congratulations to Brian for winning the 7th leg of our Power BI Challenges!

Power BI Challenges

What proved to be the biggest challenge here is providing as much insight as possible using nothing more than a single-page brief. That’s something that Brian nailed in his submission. Haroon mentioned Brian’s array tooltip techniques as the key to his success in this challenge.

Well done, Brian!

If you have what it takes to create reports like these using Power BI, stay tuned and join our next Power BI Challenge!

Enterprise DNA Team

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