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Power BI Challenge 4 – Now Open To Everyone

by | 6:25 pm EDT | July 20, 2020 | Power BI, Power BI Challenge

After a highly successful third round of the Power BI Challenge, it’s time to test your skills in Power BI once again. We just launched Power BI Challenge #4 and it’s proving to be an exciting project to work on so far. You may watch the full video of this tutorial at the bottom of this blog.

The fourth challenge was launched last Friday, July 17 and will run for 2 weeks. This means that you still have the chance to jump in and see if you have what it takes to win a complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA.

Challenge #4

The last challenge on HR data insights was fun to work on and really brought out the most creative and analytical minds in the community.

For challenge #4, we decided to go for scenario involving delivery app data. This is something that some of you may be regularly working on in real life, and we’d love to see how you would work your way around a challenge like this.

Even if you do not work in this field, it would still be interesting to see how you can solve a problem like this from your own perspective.

As with all our other past challenges, you have 2 weeks to work on this. Final submission is on July 26, Sunday (PST).

The Power BI Challenge

The Power BI Challenge is an initiative that we started for users who want to showcase their development skills within Power BI.

Each challenge involves real-life scenarios from different fields. The goal is to present the best solution possible using the data sets provided.

The Enterprise DNA team judges each submission based on what we believe are the primary pillars of an effective and efficient Power BI solution:

  1. Loading and transforming data
  2. Data modelling
  3. DAX calculations
  4. Report and visualizations

Through these challenges, we aim to further promote a collaborative environment where we can all learn from each other’s submissions and push each other to dive even deeper into what Power BI can really do.

The complimentary membership to Enterprise DNA will also give the winner access to amazing resources that anyone trying to master Power BI would need. The winning submission will also be shared to the entire community in an effort to share best practices and for the winner to receive useful advice from other Power BI experts.

How To Join

Excited to work on this challenge? Here’s how to join:

If you are an Enterprise DNA member, check the forum thread inside the Enterprise DNA Forum.

  1. Download the data set from this link: Challenge #4
  2. Post your report on the thread.
  3. Submit your PBIX files to [email protected]

When you submit your report, just use the subject line Power BI Challenge 4 – Name (Member) if you are an Enterprise DNA member. If you’re not a member yet, use the subject line Power BI Challenge 4 – Name (Non-member) instead.

Enterprise DNA non-member you can still join by going here:

Enterprise DNA Power BI Challenge 4

  1. Post your report on the thread.
  2. Submit your PBIX files to [email protected]
  3. Post this caption on your social media accounts: I accepted Enterprise DNA’s Power BI Challenge
  4. Make sure to hyperlink this post: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Desktop/Power-bI-Challenge-4-Delivery-App-Review/m-p/1229835#
  5. Use these hashtags on your social media post – #EnterpriseDNA #EnterpriseDNAPowerBIChallenge #PowerBIChallenge #PowerBIChallengeAccepted
  6. Change your profile pic to the image below for the 2-week duration of the challenge:

Check out the details of Challenge #4 on the Enterprise DNA forum.

Join Challenge #4 now and see what amazing results you can deliver through Power BI!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vr8B7B7zRo&w=784&h=441]

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