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Power BI Challenge 21: Enterprise DNA YouTube Channel Data Analysis

by | 5:20 pm EDT | July 21, 2022 | Announcement, Power BI, Power BI Challenge

We’re excited to announce the start of Enterprise DNA’s Power BI Challenge 21. During the last round, we were pleasantly surprised by the amazing insights reached by the participants on the sales and production analysis of Aikeen Industries.

All in all, we received 47 entries from members and non-members alike, 200+ analysis pages, 600+ DAX measures, and 400+ navigation buttons, bookmarks, and tooltips. We hope to not just replicate, but exceed these achievements for our next challenge!  

This time around, we’re choosing a topic that’s closer to home – an analysis of the highly successful and much-talked about Enterprise DNA YouTube channel.

What is Enterprise DNA’s Power BI Challenge?

Just to give you a brief background, the Power BI Challenge is a series of fun and friendly challenges happening at the Enterprise DNA forum. Our mission is to explore the endless possibilities when it comes to using Power BI as a tool. Each challenge deals with a dataset based on real-life scenarios that cover various industries and niches, which is a testament on how flexible and dynamic Power BI truly is.

The challenges have fostered a culture of collaboration and sharing throughout our Power BI community. We started out with only a few active members of the forum participating, but since then we’ve seen a rapid rise of members submitting their reports, as well as participation from non-members as well.

The number of entries from people with diverse backgrounds just goes to show how accessible these challenges are. You don’t have to have an analytics expertise or background to join; just have the willingness and open-mindedness to learn something new. After all, there’s no better learning experience than hands-on application.

Benefits of Joining A Power BI Challenge

At the end of each challenge, we will be announcing the following category winners:

  • Overall Winner all entrants are eligible
  • First Time Participant winner  open to an Enterprise DNA member taking part for the first time
  • Winning Non-member  open to entrants not currently Enterprise DNA members
  • Out of the Box Thinker – for those digging deep into their analysis
  • Creative Head – for those bringing extravagance into their analysis

The winner gets a free Enterprise DNA membership, a chance to be featured at the Enterprise DNA Showcase page, a chance to present their findings in our webinars, and other prizes.

And even if you don’t win, there are a multitude of perks that you’ll get from joining the Power BI Challenge:

  • Receive personalized feedback on your development
  • Learn from peers and experts
  • Get experience across different industries
  • Build an awesome analytics portfolio for prospective employers

Challenge 21 Brief

The 21st edition of Power BI Challenge is brought to you by Enterprise DNA and Funnel, one of our tech partners.

Enterprise DNA empowers Power BI and Power Platform users to change their world. Our YouTube channel comprehensively covers how to utilize all areas of Power BI and the Power Platform to unleash powerful analytical insights from your data.

Funnel is a fast-growing tech company within digital marketing. With a focus on non-technical users, it builds a new generation of Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps their customers draw spot-on conclusions from their business and marketing data.

Here are the details for this round:

The objective for this challenge is to understand the Enterprise DNA YouTube channel audience better and come up with a strategy to drive more channel engagement. This is an exploratory data analysis (EDA), so feel free to explore the dataset and let us know your findings.

YouTube analytics is an important part of growing a YouTube channel. When you dive into YouTube data, you’ll quickly uncover an incredible wealth of information, such as audience demographics and traffic sources. Analyzing a YouTube channel’s numbers is important not only for improving the current content, but also for determining the type of content to create in the future.

How to Join Challenge 21

  1. Email the PBIX file to [email protected]
  2. If you’re a member, post the screenshot and the Publish to Web URL of your report in the Enterprise DNA Forum.
  3. If you’re not a member, post the screenshot and the Publish to Web URL of your report in LinkedIn. Tag Enterprise DNA and say, “I accepted the Enterprise DNA challenge”. Use the hashtags: #EDNADataChallenges #EDNAYouTubeAnalysis in the post
  4. We encourage participants to include a brief description of their report in their submission.
  5. Send the pbix file to [email protected].

As always, we use these four pillars of a great Power BI report as criteria for judging who wins each round: data transformation, data modeling, DAX calculations, and data visualizations.

The deadline for the submission of entries is on August 11, 2022.

What are you waiting for? Download the PBIX file and get started on building your report. Visit the ongoing discussions on the forum and join our LinkedIn group and get to know the people more in our Power BI community.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

All the best,
Enterprise DNA Team

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