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Power BI Challenge 13 Wrap Up: Acing Documentation

by | 4:36 am EDT | June 22, 2021 | Power BI Challenge

It took us some time before wrapping this up, but we’ve finally decided on a winner for our 13th Power BI Challenge. This challenge was about acing documentation, something that we want to put emphasis on especially in terms of its importance.

We did notice that there weren’t as many entries in this round, probably due to the fact that the requirements for this round were different from our usual challenges. Despite the fewer number of entries, it was a great round just the same, with unique, creative and insightful reports!

Power BI Challenges

The Power BI Challenge is a great way to showcase how dynamic Power BI can be as a tool. Even better, it lets our participants experience how it feels to use Power BI in actual real-world situations.

Power BI Challenges

Everyone is welcome to join our challenges. This has helped create a collaborative culture in our community, with experts and rookies sharing thoughts and ideas in the Enterprise DNA Forum. As they share best practices, we also see community members leveling up their game with every submission. It’s been such a fun process for us, seeing newbies submit better reports round after round.

We also know that a lot of these submissions would be great practice tools for our members, so we also have the Power BI Challenge Showcase. Here, members can download the reports featured so that they can study them part by part and learn how to create similar reports. As for the ones who created the reports, it’s a great way to get your work featured on the site.

So if you still haven’t joined our challenges, take this as a sign for you to join. The experience and collaboration alone can help you take your Power BI skills further. You even get the chance to win a special prize for being a first-time participant.

To win, you should find that balance among the 4 pillars that make a strong Power BI report:

  • Data modeling
  • DAX calculations
  • Loading and transforming data
  • Reports and visualizations

Winners get a complimentary Enterprise DNA membership. That’s amazing value, knowing that getting access to all of Enterprise DNA’s resources and events can take your data reporting and analysis skills to the next level. If you’re already a member, you can also pass the membership onto someone else who you think will also benefit from it.

Challenge 13 Winner

Again, we had less participants in this round compared to our previous challenges. But the submissions that we got were all amazing in their own right, making this a tough one to judge.

Congratulations to Jose Bressan who sent a report that displayed all the elements we were looking for. His report was clean and highly intuitive, giving viewers all the insights they need at a glance.

Power Bi Challenge

Haroon also mentioned being impressed by the way Jose documented the techniques and tools that he used to come up with a report like this. He also loved the data dictionary page that Jose set up.

Of course, submissions from our experts also stand out. Zoe Douglas, for example, sent in this really clean report that displayed every piece of information viewers would need clearly.

Power Bi Challenge

This report submitted by Alex Badiu did not only give great insights, it was also quite eye-catching.

Power Bi Challenge
Power Bi Challenge

These would have been great contenders, but we stopped considering the work of our Enterprise DNA Experts as potential winners a couple of rounds ago because we wanted a more balanced playing field for all our participants.

We look forward to seeing you guys participate in our next challenge! We promise to come up with something that’s going to help you take your skills even further in the next round.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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