Power BI Challenge 12 Wrap Up: Transport & Shipping Data

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We’ve finally concluded one of the toughest challenges we’ve had to date and we applaud those who came up with submissions despite the tedious nature of this round. You know how we like keeping participants on their toes with every Power BI Challenge, so we’re happy to see everyone trying their best to work around every difficulty.

The 12th Power BI Challenge was all about transport & shipping data. This is yet another example of how Power BI can really be used regardless of industry.

Power BI Challenges

Our Power BI Challenges have always showcased how dynamic Power BI is as a tool. It’s a great way to train our participants to find ways to use the tools given to them as they face one real-life scenario after another. They are picking up skills that they can definitely use in their field of expertise now or in the future.

Power BI Challenges

Another great thing that these challenges have done is creating a truly collaborative community among Power BI users. It doesn’t matter if they’re Enterprise DNA members or not. Because our challenges are open to everyone, we’re seeing newbies and experts exchanging ideas and sharing best practices to help each other grow in their chosen field.

If the learning from these challenges and the collaboration alone isn’t enough, we also have the Power BI Showcase, which features some of the best submissions to our challenges. The showcase allows members to download the reports and dashboard featured there, allowing them to get some hands-on experience in using these reports.

Power BI Challenges

But if you ask us, the best part about seeing the Power BI Challenge progress since last year is the fact that we’ve seen how the participants improve their craft round after round. Some start with simple submissions, then start leveling up their reports every time they send a new one.

So if you’re one of those who are still thinking twice about joining, get started on the next round! You’ll never know how far your skills can go unless you start applying what you know so far. You even get the chance to win special prizes for participating for the first time.

How do we determine who wins each round? We just base it on the 4 pillars that make a strong Power BI report — data modeling, DAX calculations, loading and transforming data and reports and visualizations.

In the past, we’ve been giving away a complementary Enterprise DNA Membership to winners. But thanks to a generous sponsor, the winners for this round are receiving cash prizes on top of the membership.

Challenge 12 Winners

Again, this was a tough round and we really have to pore through every small detail to determine which submissions deserved a prize.

A big round of applause to @sedhosen for coming up with a report that covers the 4 pillars extremely well. You’re definitely one of the participants that we’ve seen growing by leaps and bounds as a Power BI user.

Power BI Challenge
Power BI Challenge
Power BI Challenge

We’re also giving an innovation prize to this entry from @tweinzapfel. Aside from also covering the 4 pillars, we liked the way he showed the income and expense in his report.

Power BI Challenge
Power BI Challenge

As for our first-time participant winner, we’re giving the prize to @DMercier! Although this was his first time, his report was amazingly comprehensive. We look forward to seeing more from him in the next few challenges.

There were a few others that really made it hard to come up with a final decision. All we can say is a massive well done not just for everyone who won, but to everyone who participated. The reports were amazing and to be honest, a lot of you deserved a prize. But then, that’s not how these challenges go and we can’t have everyone win.

Looking forward to the next challenge! We’re sure that you’ll come up with even more amazing submissions next time.

All the best,

Enterprise DNA Team

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